T4T Updates

Thank you for your generosity in answering the call for new carpet for the main, north, and south lobbies. Our congregation graciously donated $32,323! Glory to God!

You have probably noticed by now that our beautiful carpet was installed this week thanks to the guidance of Bill Edie working with Heritage Flooring. The lobby carpet came in a bit above the $21,800 estimate due to some surprises. As promised, we’ve earmarked all financial overages for future carpeting in the building. Always looking ahead, Bill received an estimate of $16,845 for the education wing hallway carpet, both downstairs and upstairs. We need about $5000 to finish the hallway carpet for the building. To donate to help complete this project, you can give your financial gift safely and quickly through pumc.org or the kiosk in the main lobby by the blue wall or with Rebecca Blackwelder, PUMC’s Financial Administrator.

The “Amigos” have been hard at work wiring the security system to all of our exterior doors. With the “Amigos” doing the work themselves, they have saved PUMC approximately $15,000. Thank you to our hardworking Amigo Crew! The contractor is now doing the technical work. The plan is to have all exterior doors fitted with keypads, fob readers and equipped with the ability to lock and unlock the doors with a mobile device by mid-August. No more doors left unlocked!

Thank you to everyone for your support of all of the T4T projects. Our building is reflecting the love and warmth of our church family.

Kimberly Meyer, T4T Chairman

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