Notes about The August 1 Sing-A-Long Worships

As we prepare to return to live singing in worship, including bringing back the sanctuary choir, we should take a moment to reflect and educate ourselves about the pandemic.

We all have rights and responsibilities and we are all responsible for welcoming, respecting, and protecting others. As a Methodist community, one of our general rules is to “do no harm.”
Receiving the COVID-19 vaccination is a choice that each of us has to make on our own. While we have learned that it is safe for those who have been vaccinated to go without a mask, we must remember that those who have chosen not to receive or cannot receive the vaccine for personal reasons may still be at risk of the virus. The virus can be transmitted between those both vaccinated and unvaccinated, though the results of infection vary.

Before we begin singing in worship again, please take a moment to consider whether you may choose to wear a mask in services, whether this is to protect yourself or to protect others. We will respect the choices that each makes and move forward as a community.

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