New Door Security System Now in effect

Our new door security system is now fully functional as of October 1. The new system will preclude the need for physical keys and give the church unprecedented access and security. Any existing physical outer door (1UN) keys will not function after September 30 and may be returned to the church office when it is convenient for you. Inside the building, we will continue to use the interior door (600) keys.

With regularly scheduled meetings at the church, all group leaders have Group PIN codes (4 digits) to share with group members to access the building before, during, and after their meeting times. Staff members already have their access fobs and codes with full access to the church doors.

Adult church members needing access to the building at other times should apply for an Individual PIN Code. Application forms are available in the church office and on the church website, Please submit completed forms to the church office as soon as possible since these applications will take some time.

The security system will unlock the doors as usual for worship on Sunday mornings and other special events as needed. During business hours, you can still come to Door 2 to be admitted by office personnel, if available. Call ahead if possible.

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