Financial Update from Finance Chairperson, Mike Simek

I pray that you and yours are well, and I’m glad to have seen many of you in church recently to hear this message. If you didn’t get a chance to listen, I’d like to offer a note of appreciation, provide a quick update on our finances year to date, and share the finance committee’s forecast as we look forward to next year.

The generosity of this congregation is genuinely inspiring. Consider all of the targeted major giving we’ve seen this year to include:

  • HVAC and the Roof, which were must-do projects,
  • The door security system providing much-needed threat protection for those attending services on the weekend and the children and staff here throughout the week,
  • The beautiful carpet offers a much more warm and inviting atmosphere, especially for visitors looking for a church home.

All of these beautiful and essential improvements were made possible because of your generosity. Thanks be to you, and thanks be to God.

Relative to this year’s budget, we’re in a relatively strong position. We have a $40k surplus which, of course, is excellent. That surplus is driven primarily by fewer expenses than planned for staff salaries & utilities, coupled with surplus carried over from last year. However, we’re also about $25k under projected giving, which is a cause for concern, and it is shaping our planning as we look forward into 2022.

With contributions falling steadily since 2018 due to key donors passing away or relocating, there has been increasing pressure on the operational budget. Brian Larcom has put a lot of rigor into analyzing our actual historical contributions and spending (many thanks to Brian for his time and his expertise) and the initial look into next year’s forecasts about an $80k budget deficit.

With the committee’s intent to submit a balanced budget, we could face making some difficult decisions in the coming weeks.

As you prepare for Consecration Sunday and prayerfully consider what God is calling you to give, we thought it appropriate, so share a candid view of where we are for your consideration.

The generosity of this congregation is incredible. The hand of God has consistently provided for us year over year. I pray those trends to continue into next year as well.
Thank you and God Bless.

Mike Simek,
Chairperson, Finance

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