Imagine No Malaria

The United Methodist Church supports a ministry called Imagine No Malaria, providing bed nets to countries in Africa. Malaria is a sickness caused by a parasite transmitted through the bite of a mosquito, usually at night. It begins with flu-like symptoms and, if untreated, leads to convulsions, organ failure, and death, a preventable death! A whole family can sleep and be safe under just one net. The nurse at Madina Village School distributes nets and plastic mattresses each year to the students and their families. Then she goes to each family and shows them how to properly install the nets.

PUMC has supported the countries of Africa with this ministry for more than 9 years. We are asking for your help again this year! Please also pray that the children of Africa may all grow to adulthood.

Dates: February 13 and February 20
Amount: $10.00 per net (checks payable to PUMC with Imagine No Malaria on the memo line.)

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