Endowment Report for 2022

If you like numbers, you might want to continue reading. These numbers will enlighten everyone about the success of the Endowment program at PUMC.

When the Mission, Memorial & Worship/Arts Funds investment accounts were established in 2008, initial investments totaling $50,828.14.

In 2020 the Pipe Organ Fund was established, and the total investment balance for all funds grew to $137,892.67.

In 2021 two substantial gifts were made, and the Buildings & Grounds Fund was established.

With 5 Endowment Funds invested, the total grew to $314,318.66. GLORY TO GOD!

From 2008 through 2021, $56,135.97 was granted from the endowment funds, with $13,473.70 in 2021 alone! Funds available for grants in 2022 total $34,085.62. What fun it will be to enhance the ministries of PUMC with these available grant monies!

If you have any questions concerning the Endowment Funds, please contact Ray Shannon, Zoe Wiltrout, or the Church Office for more information.

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