2022 Basic Ministry Budget: God House

This week, we highlight the Basic Ministry Budget.
The operating budget for Plainfield United Methodist Church is more than line items on a spreadsheet. It’s a story of love in action. PUMC uses gifts to the budget to show God’s BIG Love and help others grow in faith.
Out of every dollar you generously give to support the Basic Ministry Budget, 7 cents of it supports adult discipleship.

God’s House: $217,318

PUMC’s facility on 600 Simmons Street serves as a home base for our core areas of service and ministry. Our 41,000 square-foot, two-story building allows us to host classic, contemporary, and youth-centered worship services concurrently each Sunday. Our digital exterior signage, new carpet, and main lobby refresh aim to make guests and members alike feel welcome and at home. Our classrooms are filled with children, small groups, committees, mission teams, pastors, and staff. Our full-sized kitchen is a hub for
2022 Narrative Budget ongoing ministry and outreach initiatives like bereavement meals and the annual Fish Fry. We open the sanctuary for countless concerts, music programs, and theater experiences when safety protocols allow. And we recently took on a long-term loan for replacing PUMC’s roof and HVAC system. Our property is one of the most powerful tools for ministry we have, and we don’t take it for granted.

Total 2022 Basic Ministry Budget: $959,782

For more information about the PUMC Basic Ministry Budget and the Narrative Budget, see the January or February Circuit Rider or check out pumc.link/2022-Narrative-Budget.

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