A Special Opportunity for You!

You’re invited to join a special group of people who have agreed to use God’s gifts in his service. Some have been part of this group for many years. Some have recently accepted God’s invitation to join in service.

If you have the spiritual gifts of faith, giving, hospitality, service, and help, consider becoming a Communion Steward. This is an opportunity for men and women, people new to PUMC, and those who have been here many years; this is a wonderful opportunity to serve.

This is not a life-long commitment; however, many feel it is an honor and privilege to help in this way. To volunteer to be a Communion Steward, visit pumc.org/serve and fill out the form, Sue Hylton will contact you as soon as possible. If you prefer, you may contact the office and a message will be relayed to Sue. All are welcomed, and you will be answering a call to service.

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