Easter Lily Dedications


My loving husband Bruce, by Denise Alm
Steven Linville and Paul Fulp, by Anonymous
My husband, Bill, and our parents, by Barbara Baker
Keith Barding and Loved Ones, by Betty Barding
My father Noble Bowen, by Pam Blackard
Horace Blackwelder, our loving father and grandfather, by Mark & Rebecca Blackwelder
Ted Blosser, by Lynn Blosser
Donna Coulson, by Jim Coulson
Bernie Smit, by Melinda Coulson
Elaine & Delmas Crum, and Eric Schreibman, by Troy & Heather Crum
Our parents, Eugene & Jeanette Tague and Melvin & Gaynell Brown, by Phil & Judy Heffelman
Our parents, Tom & Thelma Castleman, and Byron & Ellen Hylton, by John & Sue Hylton
Cora Lee Rosemary, by Tom & Jane Iles
Carol Edmondson and Jeff Edmondson, by Debi Kinnamon
Our parents William Belser, and Don & Erma Linn, by Mick & Linda Linn
My faithful parents, Bob & Eloise Waggoner, and my loving husband Bill Lyons, by Pam Lyons
John Martin, by Jane Martin
Ken & Carolyn Jolly, by Tamara and Sarah Miller and Terry Jones
Our parents, Ken & Bertie Overbey, and Dick & Barb Wykoff, by Bill & LeeAnn Overbey
Rev. Erma Rohrer, by Hugh Rohrer
Our grandson Brayden, by Larry & Anne Rudy
Earl & Evelyn Sims, by Jonathan & Prudence Sims
Philip and loved ones, by Vern & Lou Sullenger
Ed Vermillion, by Eleanor Vermillion
Robert R., Charlotte and Robert C. Watts, by Judy Watts
My dad Tim Miller, and my sister in the Lord, Charlotte, by Christina Wooley


Our loving church family, by Mark & Rebecca Blackwelder
Our family, by Troy & Heather Crum
Helen Wallen, by Sue Doty
Our children and grandchildren, by Anita Green
God’s beautiful blessings of my “Terrific Ten” grandchildren, by Treva Marcum-Rubsam
Our children Scott and Olivia, and Kyle, by Bill & LeeAnn Overbey
Children Andy, Ariana, Matt, and grandchildren Ellis and Henry, by Debbie Proctor
My husband and Vietnam Veteran Richard, by Sally Risley
Our grandchildren Taylor, Bryce, Brock, Brody, Samuel, and Benjamin, by Larry & Anne Rudy
Our children Matthew, Kayla, and Kristen, by Joel & Cherie Wesley

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