May is Endowment Awareness Month

Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree
a long time ago.

Warren Buffet

Are you aware some of the trees on the PUMC property were “planted a long time ago” as a memorial to someone special? The flagpole by the Office Door was a gift to the Church by a long-time member, and most recently, a bench has been given to PUMC in memory of another long-time member. These are examples of meaningful legacy gifts families felt would benefit those attending PUMC now and in the future.

May is Endowment Awareness month. You may not have been aware of the gifts mentioned above. Still, hopefully, you are aware of the Endowment program at PUMC. Rather than a gift that can be seen as a tree or bench, gifts to the Endowment program are monetary assets. They are invested, and the principal can never be used. Income generated from the principal can be used to support the ministries of PUMC.

Legacy gifts are meaningful to the families that give them, whether the gift is something tangible or monetary in value. As Warren Buffett said so well in the quote above, people in the future can enjoy the blessings given today. Would you consider “planting a tree” so that someone can “enjoy the shade” tomorrow?

Please direct your questions concerning the Endowment program to Ray Shannon (317.989.4848) and/or Zoe Wiltrout (317.839.3309).

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