PUMC Sanctuary Pews

Thanks to a very generous donation, we are able to remodel the sanctuary. The remodel, which we hope will be started and completed by late summer, will involve carpeting the entire sanctuary floor, retreading of the steps to the platform and replacing the current pews with padded chairs.

Efforts are being made to make sure the pews that are leaving the sanctuary go to good use. First, the pews are being made available to the people of PUMC for any home project that you may have in mind. Second, any remaining pews will be offered to a church or organization in need. Inquiries are in progress to find churches or organizations that could use pews.
For the people of PUMC to request a pew:

  • Requests can be made by completing a paper form and leaving it at the church office or by completing the form online at pumc.org/pews.
  • Request forms will be available starting Sunday, April 24.
  • Request forms will be available in the North and South Lobbies and in the church office.

After your request form is submitted:

  • After May 22 all request forms will be reviewed.
  • By May 27 notifications will be made if and how many pews you will receive.
  • Pews will be awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis from the day the request form is submitted.

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