Like a Volcano

Pastor Charlie Wilfong – Lead Pastor,

They are powerful. Our feelings that is. It can be overwhelming when we are mad, sad, glad, afraid, jealous, or frustrated. Sometimes we ignore strong emotions because they are negative, and we don’t know how to handle them. Sometimes the feelings just come bubbling out of us. We express joy, care for others. . . or perhaps even anger.

Think about a volcano.

Like a volcano, our emotions are often below the surface of what we can see. They just happen like lava. Sometimes they glow and boil underneath. At other times, they can erupt in a powerful expression. Positive and negative emotions often operate the same way.

The Bible tells about people with strong feelings.

I’m grateful that the Bible includes stories of people with strong emotions. We are not alone in feeling them or dealing with them. Moses lets his anger get the better of him. Paul and Silas are sad when they are in jail. The books of Psalms, Lamentations, and others give full expression to the range of feelings we all experience.

The Bible helps us with our emotions.

In Matthew 7:24-27, Jesus tells about the two houses. One was built on sand, and the other was built on rock. When the storms came, the house built on sand fell down. The house built on the rock stood in the storms. When stormy emotions bubble up in your life, you can build your house on Jesus, the Rock, and weather the storm!

Kids deal with feelings, too.

Just like adults, kids have all the feelings. They get mad, sad, glad, afraid, and all the rest. The stories in the Bible and the Lord Jesus can help kids, too.

This summer, our Vacation Bible School for kids is called “Lava Lava Luau.” It is happening on the mornings of June 20-24, Monday-Friday. You can find the details and how to register in this edition of the Circuit Rider or at

There are biblical ways to express and deal with strong emotions. The kids will learn what the Bible says about anger, sadness, jealousy, and frustration and learn how to respond to others who may be feeling these emotions.

Trust and talk to Jesus.

When your feelings seem too much to handle, you have options. Talk to a friend. You can also pray about it. Be open and honest with Jesus about everything you’re experiencing. In 1 Peter 5:7, we are invited to “Cast all your anxiety on God, because he cares for you.” Trust the love Jesus has for you in each circumstance of your life.

You can also bring your kids or grandchildren to VBS—and even volunteer—to learn some of these helpful Bible lessons.

Go in peace. Go with God. And be well.



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