2022 Basic Ministry Budget: Support Systems

This week, we highlight the Basic Ministry Budget.
The operating budget for Plainfield United Methodist Church is more than line items on a spreadsheet. It’s a story of love in action. PUMC uses gifts to the budget to show God’s BIG Love and help others grow in faith.
Out of every dollar you generously give to support the Basic Ministry Budget, 15 cents of it supports Service.

Support Systems: $134,369

If PUMC’s building is home base, support systems keep our home healthy and strong. This budget area provides the critical tools, equipment, and other resources required to execute countless ministries, from kitchen supplies to communion elements. Examples include printers, regular organ maintenance, in-house media equipment, live-streaming services, office supplies, media subscriptions like RightNow Media, music licenses, digital properties like our website, plus any “odds or ends.” You know, the stuff we couldn’t do what we do without.

Total 2022 Basic Ministry Budget: $959,782

For more information about the PUMC Basic Ministry Budget and the Narrative Budget, see the January or February Circuit Rider or check out pumc.link/2022-Narrative-Budget.

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