Christmas Poinsettias


Betty Barding in memory of Keith Barding and loved ones

Rebecca Blackwelder in memory of Barbara Blackwelder & Horace Blackwelder: loving parents to Mark & Rebecca and grandparents to Gray and Mark Jr.

Kay Blevins and family in memory of husband and father Jack Blevins

Ruth Anne Bowen in memory of Noble Bowen (1930-2009)

Clayton & Carol Foxworthy in memory of Lee Foxworthy and Doyle & Rosemary Bilyeu

Phil & Judy Heffelman, in memory of our parents, Eugene & Jeannette Tague and Melvin & Gaynell Brown

John & Sue Hylton in memory of our parents: Tom & Thelma Castleman and Byron & Ellen Hylton

Tamara and Sarah Miller and Terry Jones in memory of our parents/grandparents, Ken & Carolyn Jolly

Daniel & Debi Kinnamon, in memory of Carol and Jeff Edmondson

Jane Martin in memory of John Martin

Jim, Kelly, Brandon and Matthew Rodarmel, in memory of Marcia Rodarmel

Larry & Anne Rudy in memory of our grandson Brayden Smith

Eleanor Vermillion and family in memory of Ed Vermillion

Judith Watts in memory of Robert R., Charlotte M., and Robert C. Watts

Dotty Wilson in memory of family members no longer with us – Dick, Terri, Ed, and Tyler

Judy Zirkle, in memory of my sister, Diane Dammeyer

Mary Martha Circle in memory of Ilse Hawkins


Barbara Baker in celebration of my children and grandchildren

Rebecca & Mark Blackwelder in celebration of Gracen’s successful completion of their first quarter at college and our loving parents, Carol & Bob Grimm and Pat Blackwelder.

Kay Blevins in celebration of our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren

Sue Doty, in celebration of Helen Wallen

Bud & Anita Green in celebration of and in gratitude for our family

Daniel & Debi Kinnamon in celebration of Valerie Clark

Treva Marcum-Rubsam in celebration of my dear grandchildren, “Treva’s Terrific Ten”!

Jim & Martha Roath in celebration of our grandchildren

Larry & Anne Rudy in celebration of our grandchildren: Taylor Rudy, Bryce Smith, Brock Smith, Samuel Kessler, and Benjamin Kessler

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