Transforming for Tomorrow

After five years of planning and 4 years of projects, it is finally time to refresh our kitchen and finish our last projects!
The next and final phase of projects for T4T, our Victory Lap, will include 3 projects:

  • kitchen refresh cost estimate $195,000
  • additional seating and side tables for the main lobby cost an estimated $11,000
  • the wayfinding cost estimate is $12,000

All cost estimates include a 20% contingency, where necessary, a 10% tithe to major maintenance, and potential cost increases.

The total anticipated cost is expected to be below $225,000. The monies and pledges already in the T4T account ($53,618) will be applied to this amount. Orders will be placed once we have cash and/or commitments to fund this final phase, and contractors will be contacted.

Our church Treasurer is ready to accept any donations. Please mark the memo line “T4T,” or if you would prefer to pledge over time, please get in touch with Rebecca Blackwelder, Treasurer, or Kimberly Meyer, Chairman.

Next Sunday, March 26, at 11:15, there will be an information meeting in the Sanctuary to share details of this plan and answer questions.

Thank you for your generosity.

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