Easter Lily Dedications

Given in loving memory of:

  • My husband Bruce Alm, by Denise Alm
  • Loved ones, by Barbara Baker
  • Keith Barding and loved ones, by Betty Barding
  • Fred Clem, by Carol Clem
  • Our parents, Melvin & Gaynell Brown and Eugene & Jeannette Tague, by Phil & Judy Heffelman
  • Our parents, Tom & Thelma Castleman, and Byron & Ellen Hylton, by John, Sue, and Mollie Hylton
  • Ken & Carolyn Jolly, by Tamara and Sarah Miller and Terry Jones
  • Our mothers, Carol Edmondson and Valerie Clark, by Daniel & Debi Kinnamon
  • Husband John Martin, by Jane Martin
  • Our fathers, Jack Miller and Robert Coffer, by Brent & Jenny Miller
  • Our parents, by Jim & Martha Roath
  • Our grandson Brayden Smith, by Larry & Anne Rudy
  • Our parents, by Don & Janice Schauwecker
  • Son Philip Sullenger and loved ones, by Vern & Lou Sullenger
  • Gene & Phyllis Headley, and Ralph, Wilma, and Patti Thrasher, by Brent, Sara, and Kari Thrasher
  • My mother, Irene Mayes, and my father, John Greene, by Barbara Tyree
  • Ed Vermillion, by Eleanor Vermillion
  • Robert R., Charlotte M., and Robert C. Watts, by Judy Watts
  • Dick, Terri, Tyler, and Ed, by Dotty Wilson

Given in celebration of:

  • My children and grandchildren, by Barbara Baker
  • Lynn Blosser and all she does for God and PUMC, by Jane Iles and Rebecca Blackwelder
  • Our grandchildren, Gwendolyn, Zayne, and Lily, by Lance & Nancy Burris
  • Helen Wallen, by Nancy & John Doty
  • Our family, by Bud & Anita Green
  • Our family, by Teri Groeschen
  • My 4 children, their spouses, and my 10 grandchildren, by Treva Marcum-Rubsam
  • Our children and grandchildren, by Larry & Anne Rudy
  • Our parents, by Don & Janice Schauwecker

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