What’s Your Discipleship Type?

That’s the question Gospel Discipleship seeks to answer. Through the process, you will learn if you are a Markan (Holy Spirit centered), Matthean (Action driven), Lukan (Relationship focused), or Johannine (Mentor-Apprentice nurtured) disciple. Understanding who you are and how you conceptualize discipleship, you can map a path to grow intentionally in your love and life with Jesus.

With Gospel Discipleship, you can identify a pathway for discipleship applied from one of the four Gospel storytellers: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John; each had a distinct approach to discipleship. As disciples are encouraged by Jesus to step beyond the door and engage the needs of people in their community, they can be sent forth confidently with an awareness of personal, unique gifts and insights into the actual mission field where they participate with God in changing the world.
Starting on September 26, the church will start a new church-wide study entitled “Gospel Discipleship: 4 Pathways for Christian Discipleship” by Michelle J. Morris. The study will last for five weeks through October 24.

Plainfield UMC will provide the books for free*.

For questions or to sign up for the church-wide study, check out “Next Steps” at pumc.org, the pumc.org kiosk by the blue wall, or the signup table in the Main Lobby on Sundays during September.

*Freewill offerings will be accepted to help offset the cost of the church-wide study materials.

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